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My passion lies with sports podiatry, clinical biomechanics and since I come from a military family, I also have an interest in military biomechanics.

I have practiced in both New Zealand and Australia, and have the honour of treating members of various NPC and rugby internationals, members of the New Zealand Defence force, as well as doing footwear fittings for the New Zealand sevens team.

I have had an active life when it comes to sport, I have been involved in sport since the age of three, and have played Rugby, Rugby league (all in one season!!) cricket, and Basketball, most of which I have played to a high level (especially cricket and Basketball), but you name it I have played it! With the amount of sport I have played I have had more than my fair share of nasty injuries, so I can definitely emphasize with my patients.

Currently I am working towards completing my Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science rehabilitation. When I am not looking at feet, and or studying about them, I enjoy playing the guitar, Fishing, and playing my favourite sports.